Bulk Voice Calls

Record customized voice messages and send them to your targeted audience with our easy to use platform.

Bulk Voice SMS Services

We help you connect to your audience with voice call services. Easily record voice calls via an automated online system and send them to your customers anywhere in India.

Quicklysms provides you with a fully-featured online control panel. No need to depend on operators or reminders to dial the call. Once the system is installed, record your voice message, upload the contact list, and the rest is done. Our system will call the customers as scheduled.

Easy to record, send and manage voice calls

What is voice call service?

Voice call services help you to reach customers easily with pre-recorded messages. Create your voice message and automate the calling process with few clicks. Easily manage and keep records of calls through bulk voice calling service. Use our services to send important information like 

  • Alerts/ reminders
  • Business promotion
  • Latest offers and deals
  • Social campaigns
  • Customer surveys

Election Campaigning

An effective mode of communication for interaction

Voice Broadcasting Facilities

Broadcast the latest news, offers, and deals to your audience, and boost your sales revenue.

Schedule Voice Campaign

Schedule your calls for a specific date and time. The system will automate the calls.

Supports Multiple Languages

The software comes with customized language features to reach a wider audience.

Auto redialing not answered calls

Voice call auto dialing features boost higher penetration with maximum successful calls.

Answered calls are only billed

No pay for unanswered calls. The final bill is made based on answered calls only.

Customized voice calls

Send customized voice calls to an audience based on the message, language, etc. and target a wider audience.

What Voice Can Do For Your Business ?

Easily connect with your audience in the internet-driven world.

  • Customize language and messages to target customers who reside anywhere in India.
  • Cloud telephony technology to cut all hefty charges and additional fees.
  •  Streamline all the calls, easily manage and execute campaigns successfully
  •  Schedule calls depending on your audience availability
  •  Store enormous databases in the system. No human intervention is needed.
  •  Send qualified voice recorded messages with good connectivity
  •  The entire voice service is mobile. Location change keep the service undisturbed
  •  Voice software is highly functional to help you manage all at one place
  •  Brand message through voice calls have a higher penetration among audiences
  •  Calling prove to an effective interaction channel with your customers