DLT Notice

Dear User,

TRAI introduced new rules for Bulk SMS in INDIA.

According to rules, user need to register Sender ID & Content Template (message text) directly from any one DLT operator.

NOTE: Right now, DLT registration is free in JIO, so process fast !!

Steps For Registration In JIO DLT :

  • Step 1: Open https://trueconnect.jio.com/ & complete registration process. Click here for registration steps.

    Add following in Jio, Vodafone, BSNL DLT:
    Telemarketer Name:
    Telemarketer ID:

    For Videocon TM ID:
  • Step 2: Approve Sender ID (headers) in JIO DLT.
    Click here for sender id steps.
  • Step 3: Approve Content Template (message text) in JIO DLT.
    Click here for content template steps.
  • Step 4: After approval, connect your approved Sender ID & Content Template into Quicklysms SMS Portal account from here.

Check more details about DLT Registration

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